5 Truths About Shift Shop You Should Know BEFORE Buying


Shift Shop was just released from BeachBody (through Beachbody on Demand  – learn more about Beachbody on Demand here: 10 Reasons While I’ll Be Using Beachbody on Demand to Lose Weight – and DVD’s) and it’s a hot topic right now. There is a nationwide challenge going on for the program, that has me fired up […]

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Shaun T (Insane Focus) Week Results: From a Plus-Sized Girl


Shaun T Week just wrapped up yesterday, and it was the sweatiest, most challenging week of my fitness life. If you aren’t familiar with Shaun T or Beachbody on Demand, I have a separate post that might explain more: 10 Reasons Why I’ll be using Beachbody on Demand to Lose Weight Disclaimer: I am now a […]

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10 Reasons Why I’ll be using Beachbody on Demand to Lose Weight


If this is your first time meeting me, welcome. I’m Andrea. I am glad that you have stumbled upon my corner of the internet. If you are here, then you might be like me. You want to lose weight. A good majority of us probably do to some degree, right? If I had to describe […]

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