If this is your first time meeting me, welcome. I’m Andrea. I’m so glad that you have stumbled upon my corner of the internet.

I thought I would kick off the blog with a post about me. Who wants to take advice or read articles written by someone they don’t even know? (Not this girl).

Who Am I?

So, welcome. I’m Andrea. I’m 28, and a full-time working momma of one precious girl, Olivia. She is currently in between the terrible-two and threeager stage of life, at two and a half. Most of the time, she is the sweetest little girl, but she has her moments. (Don’t we all?).

I’m currently working in the financial world, but will soon be transitioning into a new career. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in May from Franklin University, in Ohio, with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Healthcare Management. Management is kind of my thing. I love solving problems through data collection, data analysis, and decision making. I love all things process improvement, including lean six sigma and total quality management. I’m getting too business-y here, so I will move on.

This Blog

My biggest passion in life has to be helping others. I love to help others out in any way I can, to a fault. I will go out of my way to help someone, especially when we are trying to solve a problem. I want to know the answer too! This is where the blog comes into play.

As a busy working momma, and full-time student, I often wondered how I would ever get everything done when I needed to. Because I went through this experience, I want to share my tips and tricks, and everything in between.

I want this blog to be a resource for busy mommas, just like me, for ideas on how to get it all done. If this sounds like something you are into, I’d love for you to stick around and go on this journey with me. 

Helping others is truly my passion. I’m Andrea, a 28-year-old working momma to one toddler. I love connecting with other mommas to share tips and tricks and maybe a laugh or two along the way. Email me at andrea@thatbusymomma.com