Shaun T (Insane Focus) Week Results: From a Plus-Sized Girl


Shaun T Week just wrapped up yesterday, and it was the sweatiest, most challenging week of my fitness life. If you aren’t familiar with Shaun T or Beachbody on Demand, I have a separate post that might explain more: 10 Reasons Why I’ll be using Beachbody on Demand to Lose Weight

Disclaimer: I am now a Beachbody Coach, but was not when I wrote this. I genuinely love this company and the products. They work! 


What is Shaun T Week?

The week-long workout program debuted on Beachbody on Demand last week. The creator and trainer is Shaun T, who has also created other successful programs such as T25 and Insanity. He is known for creating, for the lack of a better term, insane workouts designed to push you to your limits and beyond.

The Shaun T week program is known as Insane Focus. It consists of seven workouts, averaging 30 to 40 minutes per day. The average workout is 30 minutes. It is full of planking, jumping, and non-stop sweating.

What’s so special about this week?

You’re probably thinking – okay, why do I care? If you are serious about fitness goals, then you should care! I have honestly NEVER sweat as much as I have with this week-long program. It was the hardest I’ve ever worked my body. (Granted – I am usually pretty lazy)

Not only is it hard, but Shaun T is the encouragement you need to get through these workouts. Every step of the way, he is right there encouraging you to keep going. He also makes it clear that if you can do this, you can do anything.

The Workouts

I have to be honest here – they were hard. Before finishing this week, I had never done any of the Shaun T programs on Beachbody on Demand. I knew he had a reputation for making you work, though. His entrance into my fitness life started with a bang. I pressed play, and we immediately began jogging in place. Then all the jumping happened. I had completed the 21 Day Fix program prior to starting Shaun Week, so I was a little shocked at how quickly things were happening.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • There are little to no water breaks in between exercises with some of the days. Just press pause if you feel like you might die without water. (this was me).
  • There is not much of a warm-up or cool-down within the program. Shaun suggested a few times that we continue stretching after the workout was over.
  • You will continue to sweat after the workout is over.
  • You might feel like you are dying, but in a good way.
  • Shaun will encourage you to keep going, even when your mind and body both tell you to stop.
  • You will feel absolutely amazing after you are finished. 

What I thought about the program

I am a plus size momma, trying to sweat my way to my high school body once again. Therefore, this is coming from my perspective, of someone who is not in shape and not used to working out.

I absolutely love this program, and fell in love with Shaun T as a trainer. He just has a way of pushing you past your limits, that I’ve never experienced with any other trainer before. Right when you feel like giving up so you can have a minute to huff and puff, Shaun takes over the camera and tells you to keep going.

For the first time, I listened.

Last week, I pushed my body farther than it has ever been pushed.


Let’s get into the part that you probably came here for. The results.

I lost a total of 2.4lbs during Shaun week. 

That may not sound like a lot to you, but for me, it’s amazing.

The thing about this program, is that it’s only a week. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you aren’t getting to your dream weight in a week (unless you only have a few pounds to lose). Personally, I want to lose somewhere between 70 to 90 pounds.

I have been overweight for the better part of my 20’s, and it only has gotten worse getting pregnant.  Instead of shedding the baby weight, I have spent the last two and a half years just gaining more weight. I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy, and now am borderline pre-diabetic. During my entire pregnancy, I was used to watching and counting my carbs. I monitored my blood sugar regularly. I stayed in check.

However, the moment my daughter was born, it’s like no one cared any longer. I wasn’t on any kind of diet restrictions in the hospital. No one cared what I ate, so neither did I. I used this as a free pass to consume regular pop, sweets, and carbs. But, this didn’t end a few days later, or even a month later. No, it still hasn’t ended completely. This mindset has totally got me where I am today. When I started working out with Beachbody, May 22nd, I was five pounds away from my 9-month pregnancy weight. I felt disgusting, ashamed, and embarrassed. These are not fun feelings at all.

This is why I started with Beachbody in the first place. I had already purchased the year of beachbody on demand earlier this year with the full intention of using it, but never did.

The Biggest Change

The biggest change I experienced through the completion of Shaun week wasn’t the number on the scale, how my clothes fit, or even how high I could diamond jump. This week was all about the mental change and shift.

It was about knowing that I can do this and feeling confident in my abilities. This is a feeling I haven’t had for a while, in regards to my weight. Losing weight always felt like a far off dream, something that other people were doing, but I could never do.

Now, I got this. I know I can do this, and for me, this was the biggest result of all from Shaun week.

Give it a go, and let me know in the comments how you liked it!

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